Because who doesn’t love cute and sweaty couples?


Team Traint! Team Quacy! So, that sounded better in my head. Tracy and Quint are a power couple that I am so proud to say I know. T and Q are two of the strongmen/women who rep for the USA and have a ridiculous amount of creds to their names. That’s cool and all BUT I only like them because they are funny. Seriously.

I’ve learned more about to how to enjoy my time in the gym and laugh at myself when I’m a hot sweaty mess from Tracy than any stand up comedian. When Tractastic brought her new bf to our humble gym I was stoked! Quint is just as funny and yes, I have made him my videographer.

Stay tuned! Next week she.eats.adventure. will be letting you get to know one of these awesome athletes better.

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Breakfast: Week 1 Day 4


Oh hey guys heeey! Yesterday was my cheat day! If you could only see my face thinking about yesterday’s yummy (in moderation) cheats. Okay… Back to topic and sched! This mornings breakfast was very filling.

I’m sorry this picture makes it look not so tasty… iPhone 5 problems. Anywho… Oatmeal, sliced apples, maple syrup, and cinnamon eff-tee-w. Not only did it leave me full but with that warm fuzzy/cozy feeling when I was done. I’m also a huge fan of oatmeal so in my book you really can’t go wrong with some good ol oats.

‘Dark Horse’ Katy Perry

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Speed Dating Done Right

Happy Hump Day!

(click me ^)


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Breakfast: Week 1 Day 3


Good morning! What a beautiful sunshine day in Syracuse, N.Y. The above breakfast is pretty self explanatory. Whole wheat English muffin, light cheese spread, and a side of fruit. Not to mention my favorite part of the day… Black coffee!

This mornings breakfast filled me up more than yesterday’s but I was hungry not to long after. When I was allowed my first snack of the day I was still hungry. So! I munched on half a cup of bell peppers dipped in a few tablespoons of Greek yogurt.

‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ Ramones

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Breakfast: Week 1 Day 2


The above photo was my breakfast this morning. Simple to prepare yet not very filling. I was only able to eat one scrambled egg, one slice of wheat toast, and a side of fruit with coffee. It’s not that it didn’t taste good, it is that I was not satisfied. I was left only slightly full and an hour later my stomach was grumbling. Tomorrows is a new day with a new breakfast!

On a positive note! The meals for the rest of the day were very filling! Next week I’ll give you a look into the snack life. Woot woot! I tend to be pretty dang judgmental when it comes to snacks because I am all about that snack life. These past two days I can say I have not been disappointed with the yumness of the snacks.

‘Crush’ Mandy Moore 

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Breakfast: Week 1 Day 1

breakfast week 1 day 1

breakfast week 1 day 1


This delish breakfast is brought to you by The Cosmo Bikini Diet and Wegmans. Really though! My Wegs addiction is almost embarrassing. On a serious note (not that Wegmans isn’t serious… really)! When you mix Kashi, almonds, and vanilla almond milk you have a bowl of crunchy goodness. Toss some fresh berries and a cup of green tea on the side for looks. Just kidding eat and drink those too. I was skeptical on how full I’d be after but after an hour and some I was still pretty full.

I was always anti-soy or almond milks. It is probably because I worked on a dairy farm in high school and love ice cream. Almost four years ago my stomach decided it wasn’t to keen on dairy based products anymore. Slowly I developed a taste for chocolate soy milk and almond ice cream. This is the first time I tried almond milk and it was really actually good! Maybe one day I’ll become brave enough to chug it right out of the carton… Don’t tell my mom.

‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ Jamie Grace

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Bikinis and power lifting and diets! Oh my!

Welcome to she.eats.adventure. a blog of fitness, food, and adventure! Did I mention the food part? I did? Oh… sorry. I am a lover of a good challenge and some healthy competition. My goal is to tackle new body challenges whether it be a diet plan, fitness program, or body goal. Not to mention some random trips to who knows where tossed in the mix. I mean! Who doesn’t love a good adventure after all?!

The best challenge of all is not just tackling one goal but two goals at once. Yes! Two. Now, before you go all “woah she cray” on me (which may very well be so) let me just tell you there is going to be a lot of delish food involved. Cosmopolitan came out with a 12 week diet/exercise book The Cosmo Bikini Diet by Holly C. Corbett. The meal plans were designed by Molly Morgan who not only owns Creative Nutrition Solutions but develops recipes and meal plans for some awesome pro athletes. Further more! The book has collab work outs from the renowned Tracy Anderson and one and only Barry of Barry’s Bootcamp. You can say the 12 week bikini diet’s challenge is excepted!

Challenge part two just happens to be Wendler’s 5/3/1. 5/3/1 is a power lifting program that only takes 3 days out of your week so Cosmos workouts fit perfect! It was designed to help your body achieve its max strength with your dead lift, squat, and bench press. I am currently working towards a power competition this summer. I cannot even begin to express how much I love lifting– the heavier the better! My trainer, Russell Harleston Jr, approached me with the idea of beginning this program when I expressed to him my serious need to get strong. Real quick! I am going to take this moment to brag about Russ. He is two time Mr. Syracuse, one of the faces of Push Pull Grind, and an IFPA Pro body builder. Okay, bragging done (insert proud grin here). Wendler’s 5/3/1 challenge is excepted!

Each week I’ll focus on a different area of the meal plan (this week is breakfast) as well as track my lifting progress. Not only that I’ll be attempting a different sport, featuring women from different styles of the fit life, and the dreaded end-oh-the-week body transformation picture. I can’t wait to see my body begin to transform!

Welcome to the adventure!




‘She’s a Lady’ Tom Jones

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